Using Waterproofing As An Investment In Your Home's Value And Safety

Posted on: 18 November 2021

Water may seem like a relatively minor threat that you can simply dry up and get rid of on your own. In fact, it is capable of inflicting a host of damages to your home even after you clean it up.

Rather than risk your home's value and integrity because of water damages, you can take steps to protect it from the threats that water can pose to it. One of those steps can involve using professional waterproofing services for your home.

Prevention of Mold Growth

One of the worst damages that water can inflict on your home involves the growth of mold. Even after you pump out and dry up the water that made its way into your home, you still may be left with conditions that are ideal for mold to take root in and thrive. You may not even know that these conditions existed until you see black mold growing in your home.

Rather than wait for mold to start growing after a flood, burst plumbing, or other water disasters, you can use waterproofing on vulnerable areas of your home. The waterproofing can eliminate the risk of mold taking root and growing in your crawl space, basement, attic and other areas that can get wet or damp. 

Repelling Water

Waterproofing can also keep water out of your home. When you waterproof the foundation, for example, you may be able to keep out runoff water from nearby ditches, streams, and rivers. When you waterproof the roof and attic, you may be able to keep water out of the top floors in your home. 

By waterproofing your home, you minimize the risk of water getting inside and making a mess for you to clean up. The water should run down off of your rooftop and away from your crawl space or foundation because the waterproofing will not allow it to get inside.

Increasing Value

Finally, waterproofing may improve the value of your home. It may be appraised for a higher value each year. You also may be able to ask for a higher price for it if you decide to sell your house because you invested in waterproofing for it.

Waterproofing can offer you and your home a number of advantages. It can prevent dangerous and costly black mold from growing in your basement, attic, or elsewhere in the house. It can also repel water from your home and increase your home's appraisal value. 

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