The Waterproofing Guide For Improvements After Restoring Water Damage

Posted on: 23 September 2020

The water damage to your home is often caused by failures of mechanical systems and structural components like waterproofing of a foundation. If you are restoring water damage, waterproofing is important to prevent future problems, and you want to know where you will benefit the most from waterproofing improvements. The following waterproofing guide will help you choose the best improvements for your water damage restorations:

Drainage and flood control before waterproofing

Before you start with the improvements to waterproofing, you are going to want to evaluate drainage and flood control systems. These systems are important components in the complete waterproofing solutions for your home. Therefore, you may want to update the landscaping and exterior drainage system designs to provide better protection against water problems that can affect your foundation and waterproofing.

Sealing hardscaping that is vulnerable to water problems

There is also a lot of hardscaping outside of your home that can be affected by water issues. The areas that are near your foundation can cause problems with damage as water penetrates them. Therefore, you may want to have a waterproofing service seal areas like patios, driveways, and paths to reduce wear and protect against future problems with water damage. These sealants can be clear spray-on sealants or colorful coatings that help enhance the appearance of surfaces. 

Foundation and exterior waterproofing to keep moisture out

The foundation of your home is the main area where waterproofing repairs and improvements are going to be needed. Some of the waterproofing improvements that you may want for your foundation include:

  • Modern sealants that are less vulnerable to decay
  • Insulation and drainage to reduce static water pressure
  • Modern membrane waterproofing systems that provide a better moisture barrier

These waterproofing improvements will provide better protection against water and moisture, as well as prevent damage due to static water pressure.

Sealing and waterproofing improvements for the interior of your home

The interior waterproofing solutions can also be improved to prevent future problems with water damage. First, in lower areas of your home, use more water-resistant finishes, and have waterproofing added to exterior walls below the exterior soil elevations. You can also seal masonry materials and flooring like tile to help reduce problems with water damage.

These are waterproofing solutions that you will want to have done to improve your home when restoring the damage. If you need help with the waterproofing repairs and improvements, contact a waterproofing service to discuss these solutions.

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