Why Do You Have Mold Growing In Your Home?

Posted on: 25 February 2020

Having hidden mold in your home can be quite dangerous. Even if you cannot see it, the mold spores will get into the air and cause health problems for those that breathe them in.  That's why it's so important to eliminate mold in your home. Here are some common reasons why you may have mold growth.

Roof Leaks

Any time water gets into your home, know that there is a potential for mold growth. This includes having a leak in a roof where water is getting into your attic. The conditions of an attic are perfect for mold growth, since it is going to be dark and humid. You'll need to look out for roof damage on the outside and inside of your home to ensure that you don't have a roof leak.

Ventilation Problems

Your home can have a variety of ventilation problems that allow moisture to collect and mold to form.  This can happen due to poor attic ventilation, where all that moisture becomes trapped in the attic due to not having a way to get out.  Ventilation problems can also happen if your bathroom fans are not working properly.  

For example, your bathroom fan may be working, but you might discover that all the moisture is leaking into your attic rather than going to the outside of your home. You may have a bathroom fan that is not working at all, and you now have mold growth in your bathroom.

Pipe Leaks

A leaking pipe can also create conditions where mold can easily grow. Unfortunately, these leaking pipes may be in places where you won't not notice it. If you have a crawl space, you could have a pipe leak within the crawl space where mold is forming. Pipes can also leak behind walls, where you won't discover the leak until water damage forms on the wall.  

Poor Landscape Grading

Water can also get into your home through the foundation. A common reason why this happens is that the land around your home is not graded properly. The land needs to form a slope so that water can roll away from the foundation. If water is collecting against your home due to poor grading, that water will collect against your foundation and eventually leak through. This can lead to mold growth if the water is coming in a place where you do not see the water collect. 

Reach out to a professional mold removal service if you discover mold growth in your home.