Dos And Don'ts Of Handling Water Damage As A Homeowner

Posted on: 26 April 2017

Suffering from water damage as a homeowner can be extremely stressful, whether it be a busted water pipe or even basement flooding. By knowing what to do and what not to do when facing water damage in your home, you can take the proper steps to resolving the issue while minimizing damage as much as possible.

DO Shut Off the Electrical Supply

First of all, if possible, get shut off electrical supplies/circuit breakers to the affected areas of the home. This is the best way to reduce the risk of electrocution as well as further damage to your home. If you cannot safely access circuit breakers or electrical panels, leave the house and do not touch anything until professionals are able to arrive and shut off electricity.

DON'T Enter Any Rooms With Standing Water

Even if you're able to shut off your home's electrical supply, you should never enter a room with standing water. Doing so could put yourself at risk, especially if you can't see the floor and end up tripping or otherwise injuring yourself. Do not attempt to remove standing water with a vacuum or any other household device; water removal should only be done by a highly experienced professional.

DO Remove What You Can

If there are any rooms that do not have standing water, do your best to remove any soiled items so they can be set out to dry. If it's cooler outside than it is inside, open up some windows to help air out the room until a professional water restoration company can come out and dry out the space completely. Otherwise, you could end up with mold or mildew, which can be dangerous to your health.

DON'T Wait to Call a Professional

Last but not least, don't make the mistake of trying to take on water damage alone. You will need a team of water restoration professionals to remove any excess water and make sure your home is properly aired out before you can return to your normal way of life. Even if the damage doesn't seem extensive, it's better to be safe than sorry. A professional water mitigation or restoration company will have the tools and resources needed to resolve the problem and make your home safe again.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can be prepared in the event that water damage occurs in your home. From there, you can keep yourself and other household members safe.